Seasonal Orders

Christmas Greens
San Antonio Flower Company is a supplier of fine Christmas greenery, garland, wreathes, centerpieces, etc. The wreathes make excellent items for fundraisers at schools and churches. Each year we supply hundreds to local organizations. Orders for large quantities of wreathes should be turned in to our sales staff no later than the first week in November. Pricing on these items is generally available by late September. Our Christmas greenery shipments start arriving the week of Thanksgiving, but we will cold store your order till you need it.

Christmas Poinsettias
We start receiving poinsettias around the week of Thanksgiving. The plants we offer are all Top Quality Florist Grade. These are not your box store poinsettias and we have repeat customers for them year after year. We offer up to a half dozen different sizes and plantings at prices that will fit any budget. Again it is wise to order for your church, business, or party early to ensure timely arrival. Call for pricing in October or drop us an email request.

Easter Lilies
As with our poinsettias, our Easter Lilies are all top florist grade quality. Call for pricing or drop us an email a few weeks before Easter. We offer two or three different sized pots and plantings.